Types Of Sunglasses Cases

Sunglasses are not just a need but they are equally appreciated for being the fashion pieces. The sunglasses come in a number of shapes and sizes. They are great to keep your eyes safe from the harsh weather and the scorching sun. You can the right sunglasses as per your wardrobe too. The trends of sunglasses keep changing. The price and the frames all can be chosen with a huge variety. Once the sunglasses are bought it is important to keep them safe and secure. The best way is to get the best sunglasses case Created with a number of different materials the cases can be of different shapes and sizes too depending upon the right type of the sunglasses you have in your collection. The various types of sunglass cases available in the market are as follows:  

Clam cases  

These are made out of hard plastic. They are considered the top ranking option for they give the maximum protection to the sunglasses. It is easy to open and close them due to the safe and easy construction.    Although they are sometimes huge to store in the routine handbags but still this feature helps in putting the sunglasses of all shapes safely when they are not in use. For more information, please log on to https://dltradingau.com.au/product-category/cigar-humidor/

Soft cases 

These sunglass cases are made out of such soft materials that can be easily squeezed as you put the sunglasses into your bag. Despite the fact that they can be squeezed the sunglasses remain safe.  People usually like them for their compact size and shape. At the top, there is lace or a button fixed so that the sunglasses can be easily saved from any damage.   They cannot hold bulky sunglasses but the overall performance is great when it comes to the small and average sized cases.   

Slim compact cases 

These cases come in metal, plastic and even wood that is all covered with a plush interior.  The size is adjusted in such a way that it can whole the glasses of any width. They are very much similar to the clam cases when it comes to the opening and the closing of the case. The sunglasses from brands that create large sunglasses are difficult to store in these kinds of cases.  

The pouch case 

They are made of soft leather and sometimes microfibers. It is a great alternative for those who are tired of their huge sunglass cases and want something compact to be with them when the sunglasses are free. The string is attached at the top that can be stretched to make the pouch tight and prevent the sunglasses from falling out. The interior and the exterior are too soft to handle any extreme accident that can ultimately lead to the breaking of the glasses.  





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