Three Reasons To Install A Video Camera For Your Car

Owning a car has a lot of responsibilities and if you are not careful it could cost you dearly. There are many elements on the road that would lead to accidents. Accidents put people lives at risks and even if the accident is minor then you have to claim insurance. The problem with minor accidents is that no one wants to take the blame for it even if one party is clearly wrong. Minor accidents like bumping into another car, changing lanes, reversing or parking are all clearly stated by law who is in the wrong. So what if one party denies wrongdoing and does not want to pay the damages? Well this is where having a small camera facing the road will come in handy. Here’s why.


There is a chance that both parties may not know who is wrong. There are traffic cameras too that they could tap into but they may not be everywhere. However, they would still need to take statements and chances are both parties would defend themselves. In this event the police would be able to solve it by just seeing the two cars and how it is positioned. Having video proof to show to the police can help your case. In some cases drivers intentionally cause accidents to claim insurance. Having a camera can be helpful when one party who is clearly wrong tries to get away or denies wrong doing.

Spot Dangerous Driving

Installing dash cams can be useful when it comes to spotting dangerous driving. Drivers could use it as an extra mirror to spot any impending danger or to be safe the passengers in the car could have a look at it. Dangerous driving can be easily spotted with cars speeding or swerving left and right. This can help you avoid any potential accident or make you aware to avoid going near that vehicle. Of course if an accident occurs the recording will be there to support your claims.

Responsible Driving

Individuals who have just received their driving license are most likely still in their teenage years. Driving at that age is viewed as an added cool skill to have and that is mainly because people love the thrill of speeding. Well if you are a parent speeding is not what you want your teenage child to be doing. Having a camera in the car would help ease parent’s worries as they can monitor how their teenage child is driving. Parents would go a step further and implement good LED light bars for added protection when they drive at night. These bars help other cars know that you are on the road and the light is bright enough for the driver to spot cars when it is pitch dark at night. If you are not able to prove which party is wrong in cases of accidents you will be paying high repair costs. Video evidence can be submitted to the police and used to claim insurance so that you don’t have to go through the financial pain of fixing your car.

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